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Tea Tree Australian Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

In stock | 30ml


Taken from all-naturally grown Tea Tree Australian, it is pure and cruelty-free. Teliaoils is dedicated to ensuring only the most safe, pure, natural, and high-quality essential oils.

  • Common names: Paperbarks, Honey-myrtles.
  • Botanical Name: Melaleuca alternifolia.
  • Family: Myrtaceae.
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation.
  • Plant Part: Leaves.
  • Origin: Australia.
  • Consistency: Thin.
  • Color: Pale yellow to colorless.
  • Note: Middle.
  • Strength of Aroma: Medium to Strong.
  • Blends Well With Tea Tree essential oil blends particularly well with Cinnamon, Clary sage, Clove, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Rosemary, and Thyme. Aromatic Scent: Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, Hygienic, and medicinal scent. It also has characteristic mint and spice back notes.
  • Aromatic scent: Fresh, sharp, and herbaceous.


(Cautions: Avoid direct inhalation, as this oil is strong enough to cause or worsen possibly breathing problems. Applying cajeput oil to the skin may cause allergic reactions in some people.)


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