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Rose Bulgarian Organic Floral Water

In stock | 100ml


  • 100 % Pure and natural floral waters.
  • All our floral waters are organic.
  • 100% fresh quality.
  • Pure and organic rose water.


Powerful Refreshment: Teliaoils Rose Hydrosol, the best assistant against mature and damaged skin. It tones and rejuvenates tired skin and gives shine like never before. It calms and relaxes sensitive and irritated skin and reduces both dryness and oiliness. Controls and stimulates the skin by using this unprecedented product.

Romantic Sensation: Sweet aroma, a romantic odor that can spark off an unprecedented sensation by using for aromatherapy and spa treatment. Use it for body, clothes, or room perfume, and enjoy a romantic date with this epitome of seduction. Best as a bathroom smell eliminator and generally as an air freshener spray.

Relaxing Properties: Our Rose Hydrosol Water is the best solution for skin, body, and spirit relaxation. Relieving stress and comforting the spirit by easing nervousness. Very useful against body problems like cramps. It helps control and balance sebum production and also soothe allergic skin and sunburns. Nourishing facial spray to relieve mental strain and feel relaxed again.

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