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Glycerin Bar Soap

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  • Organic.
  • Chemical Free.
  • Preservative Free.
  • Alcohol-Free.


Perfect for dry skin, Teliaoils Tea Tree and Cajeput scented Glycerin Bar Soap cleanses and relieves acne and leaves the skin smooth, cleanse, and smelling amazing – all with the power of natural, organic ingredients and herbal essential oils.

By reaching into the deeper layers of the skin, this facial and body wash cleanses the pores of excess oils, dust, and other debris, and provides a smooth hydrating effect. It helps the skin maintain its normal oil and hydration levels, and helps prevent acne breakouts, itching, rashes, blemishes, irritations, and other unpleasant skin conditions.

Teliaoils premium Glycerin facial Bar Soap and body wash is suitable for men and women of all ages and skin types. With their smooth composition and powerful hydrating and acne cleansing action, it can be used every day, no matter whether the skin is sensitive, oily, dry, or anything in between.

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