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Chamomile Salve

In stock | 50gr


  • Natural, Pure, and Organic.
  • Free from fillers, parabens, or artificial scents.
  • 100% safe for babies.


Heals Dry & Irritated Skin From The Inside Out:
Treats skin dryness, itchiness, rashes, and other mild skin disorders naturally without bombarding the skin with nasty ingredients. Teliaoils natural, handmade Chamomile Salve offers superior skincare to the face, lips, hands, and body. Ready to soothe and calm skin irritations or redness.

Gentle & Natural Rash relief For Babies:
The Teliaoils Chamomile Salve is 100% pure and organic, making it perfect for soothing babies’ sensitive skin. Being free from fillers, parabens, or artificial scents, this effective skin balm delivers nature’s healing powers and speeds up the regeneration of skin cells, offering immediate relief from diaper rashes.

Silky, Petal-Soft Skin Overnight:
Whether due to cold winter weather or excessive exposure to the sun in the summer, dry, chapped skin can be painful. This product gives the skin the protection it needs and restores its natural moisture content by simply applying a small quantity of Chamomile Salve to the affected area.

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