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Andiroba (Carapa guianensis) Seed Oil

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  • Naturally cold-pressed, non-GMO Andiroba Seeds.
  • Certified organic.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Extracted without the use of heat which damages nutritional properties.
  • Internal or external use.
  • No clumsy pills - no water needed - absorbed faster.


Very effective as a face oil or a body oil due to its ability to treat injured skin, speed up recovery, promote skin cells growth and manage conditions like acne, wounds and sores. This facial oil will rapidly help your dry skin reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, preventing skin from aging prematurely.
 Teliaoils organic oil promotes healthier hair growth as it treats damaged hair. When applied to scalp, helps the hair grow faster and healthier as it increases the blood flow and also helps in growing hair that’s more resilient to breakage, split ends and dehydration.

 This body massage oil is a natural treatment for nearly every type of inflammation, joint and muscle pain. One of the best pain reliefers for centuries in the Amazon region as it minimizes the effects of chronic joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


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