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Trauma Oil

In stock | 30ml


  • Natural, Organic.
  • Preservative Free.
  • Free from nasty artificial ingredients, suitable for use on the skin without causing any irritations.
  • Alcohol free.


Rapid Relief From Acute Or Chronic Pain
Rich in nature’s strongest soothing essential oils, this ultimate herbal oil blend deales with injuries. Its extremely beneficial properties make this Trauma essential oil the best aid in reducing pain and swelling, soothing sore muscles, torn ligaments and tendons, relieving muscle spasms, sprains and strains, bruises, sciatica and even nerve pain.

A Super-Charged Massage Oil For Muscle Soreness: Use Teliaoils Trauma oil alone or with other herbal blends to quickly alleviate achy muscles, cramps and headaches, without the unwanted side effects of medications. Thanks to its strong soothing properties, this powerful blend helps soothe pain and enhance healing

A Must-Have Natural Home Remedy:  A must-have for every home, Teliaoils therapeutic Arnica Trauma oil is easy to take with you on travels, family holidays and trips to help overcome injuries and pain.


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