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Chamomile Infused In Olive Oil

In stock | 50ml


Method of extraction: In Teliaoils we use a triple maceration process, in which Chamomile was replaced three times into the same solvent (extra virgin olive oil), to extract all the beneficial properties. For this special and time-consuming process, we use molecular diffusion, which works very slowly and so it takes a few weeks to have the most premium infusion.


Soothes skin.
  Heals skin conditions.
  Relieves irritation and redness.
  Cleanses and hydrates skin.
  Improves skin tone.
  Protects skin from harmful rays.
  Relieves aches.
  Shines hair.
  Enriches hair color.
  Softens hair.
  After sun treatment.
  Protects hair against sun, and cold.
  Promotes hair growth and shine.

  Tired joints and legs.
  Muscle spasms.
  Skin conditions.
  Vaginal inflammations.
  Itchy skin.
  Acne scars.
  Oral conditions.

Applications and Directions:
Hair conditioner.
Skin care.
Facial care.
Oral care.

Apply an amount on your skin or hair and let it be absorbed for all the beneficial properties of the plant and the oil. Oral use without swallowing.

Natural Ingredients: Matricaria recutita, Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Shelf life: > 2 years.

Used in: Hair conditioner, aromatherapy, massage oil, body butters, lotions, lip balms, and healing salves.

Olive oil properties: Olive oil is very rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E which are very helpful for skin and hair issues. It has also strong anti-inflammatory properties and that’s why is a very effective after-sun, anti-wrinkle, and wounds, scars treatment. Very protective for your hair against sun, salt, cold, and damage. A wonderful hair growth and shine promoter and a super effective anti-dandruff remedy. It also strengthens nails and conditions cuticles.

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