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Oregano Salve

In stock | 50gr


  • Natural, Organic, Safe.
  • No fillers, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, or preservatives.


Fight Skin & Nail Infections With Oregano Balm:
Our fast-acting Oregano Balm offers quick soothing relief from itchy, cracked, inflamed, sore, and irritated skin. It is exactly what you need if suffering from issues such as Athletes foot, nail issues, jock itch, cuts, wounds, redness, minor rashes, burns, sunburn, razor burn, bed sores.

Powerful Formula:
Our Oregano balm has a rich extra strength formula with enhanced moisturizing and soothing properties that can help you relieve the itchiness and swelling on your feet, heels, nails, and skin. Beeswax recipe creates a skin defense layer that acts as a shield to prevent infections in moist areas such as swimming pools, gyms, showers, and locker rooms.

Ideal For All Skin Types:
Teliaoils Oregano premium balm for women and men works great for multiple skin types and conditions. This Oregano foot cream is great if you too love running, biking, going to the gym, local swimming pool, or a pilates or yoga studio, you can prevent skin and nail infections by using regularly the Oregano balm. It is also cost-effective as a little goes a long way.

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